Saturday, February 19, 2011

Target, $10 gift card for NEW or TRANSFERRED prescription

The sales flyer this week (Feb. 13-19) at Target contains an Rx coupon.  For each prescription you bring to Target Pharmacy (with a coupon for each) that is NEW or TRANSFERRED from a competitor, you'll get a $10 gift card.

No limits.

Expires: Feb. 28, 2011.

REMINDER:  New rule in Ohio (see for details) limits each prescription to being transferred just ONE time now.  If you transferred it once or more in 2010 but have not yet transferred it during 2011, you can still transfer that prescription once more.   And when you get a new script for that same drug later this year, you can use a coupon that says NEW on it and another if you TRANSFER it later.  You may want to ask your doctor for 2 or more prescriptions with fewer refills rather than ONE that lasts all year -- especially if you will need to move during the next several months (to go back home from college and then back to college; or if you move or travel, etc.; or if you just want freedom to move to a pharmacy where you like the service better when a pharmacist you like leaves or is transferred).