Sunday, January 10, 2010

Grocery Coupon Guide tips about finding coupons -- pharmacy rewards & manufacturer discounts

Read tips from "Grocery Coupon Guide" blog about "Pharmacy Coupon Rewards" and how to find them ... as well as tips about asking doctor for NEW prescriptions more often (vs. one a year with lots of refills) as many of the coupons require purchase to be NEW if you want to avoid having to do the "Rx Ping-Pong" game of transferring your prescriptions from one pharmacy to another and then back to be "transfer eligible." (as described at

Also, they have another story about finding Prescription Drug Rx Coupons" issued by drug manufacturing companies. Some offer a significant discount on your co-pay (50%). There's a list in the story. They also point to a longer list of some that are available.

The story mentions that some of these are obtainable by asking your doctor, pharmacist, or visiting the website of the manufacturer of the medication.